Send E-mail to owner(s) of record with CDS workflow

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If you want to send an e-mail to the owner(s) of a record, so to the owning user or the users of the owning team (and you don’t want to use a queue), this can be done with a simple CDS worklow based on custom workflow activities from the Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools, created by Demian Raschkovan.

If you want to include a hyperlink to the record in your e-mail message the ‘Get App Record Url‘ action is your friend here.

The next step is to Create an Email record addressed to the ‘Owning User’ of the record, in this case a Lead.
If the owner is a team, the value of ‘Owning User’ will be empty.

Then we do a check if the ‘Owning Team’ contains data, in case the owner is a team. If so, then the users (members) of the team will be populated in the ‘To:’ field by the ‘Email to Team‘ action.

The last step is to send the created e-mail message to the addressed user(s).

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