Custom connector to get flow run history

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I’ve created a custom connector to get the run history of a specified flow in a specified environment.

Please follow the instructions from the Power Apps blog post for the app registration. Add the Activity.Read.All and Flows.Read.All permissions instead.

Download and import the swagger file for the custom connector.  Enter Client Id, Client Secret and Resource URL: There’s one action, Get Flow Runs.

The request has the environment id, flow id, and api-version as input.

Test operation is successful with the following result.

Now I’m able to use this action of the custom connector to get the flow run history and process the data.


  1. Does this work for Flows where you are not the owner? I am trying to get a list of Flow Run History for all Flows in the environment and this connector works for my own Flows but I get 403 back if I try other people’s Flows.

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