Goals for Product Sales based on Opportunity Lines

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Goals are useful to keep track of your progress on achieving target revenue. Goal metrics define how a goal will be measured. Goals for Product Sales should be based on the Opportunity Lines, combined with the dates and status of the parent Opportunity.

The In-progress Revenue should be based on the custom calculated field Weighted Amount.

The calculation is set to: Amount multiplied by the Probability percentage of the Opportunity.

I’ve created a goal for Q4 2019 based on this Goal Metric.

I’ve added two different Products to the Opportunity Lines.

When the goal is (re)calculated, the In-progress Revenue is half of the total Amount, based on the 50% Probability.

When I change the Opportunity Status to Won and recalculate the goal, the Actual Revenue is the total Amount of the Opportunity Lines.

But if I want to have Goals per Product, I should define goal rollup queries to filter on Product.
So I’ve created a Rollup Query for the product AssemblyMaestro 100.

The Goal Criteria for this product goal should be set like this.

When the goal is (re)calculated the Actual Revenue is based on the product AssemblyMaestro 100 sales only.

In this way you can create goals for Product Sales based on Opportunity Lines.


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