Save API requests by using Filtering attributes and Trigger Conditions to restrict trigger of CDS connector

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In the light of the new API limits it’s good to let the Common Data Service (CDS) connector in Flow trigger only when it’s necessary. There are two options available to restrict the trigger: using Filtering attributes and/or Trigger Conditions.

Filtering attributes are available as an “advanced option” in the trigger of the CDS connector. Here I can put one or more attributes that will let the Flow trigger if they are changed. If I leave this blank the Flow will be triggered on change of any attribute.

But if I want to let the Flow trigger only when the record is Approved, I can set the Trigger Conditions in the settings of the trigger. You should use the Expression syntax here. You can add one or more conditions that will work as AND logical operator.

Now when the Approval field is updated, it will only trigger the Flow when the value is changed to Approved. This will save me some API requests.


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