Schedule daily email with summary of opportunities from Dynamics 365 CE in Flow

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Inspired by a question in the forum of the Dynamics 365 community, I’ve created a Flow to schedule a daily email with a summary of the Opportunities that were created on that day.

Here’s an overview of the Flow:

The Recurrence trigger will start the Flow every day to get a list of Opportunities that were created on that day. If the list is not empty, the relevant fields of every Opportunity record will be collected.

For every Opportunity record we get the record of the Account, User (Owner) and User (Created By) to have the Name instead of the Guid.

In the Compose action we map the fields. This will be the format of the HTML table, so we can be lazy and set the Columns field on Automatic in the Create HTML table action 😉

When the Flow is tested it will result in a HTML table that can be send in the body of the email action.

In this simple way we’re able to do something that is not possible in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement without customization.


    1. Hi Linn,
      That’s correct, bumped into it myself. Thanks for the heads up. Less need for the expand query now.

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