Delegate the Mailbox Approval Process To Whom It May Concern

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A long-awaited feature is released to Microsoft Dataverse: Delegate the Mailbox Approval Process.
Before the introduction of this feature only Global administrators and Exchange administrators could approve the mailbox of users in Dataverse, but now it’s possible to delegate the approval process to other users. The good news is that it’s not a Microsoft 365/Azure admin role but a Dataverse security role (Delegated Mailbox Approver), that can be assigned to users and application users. The mailbox approval process can be automated with Power Automate flow by using the Dataverse connector that supports both user (service account) and application user (service principal) for the connection.

An application user is added with the new security role ‘Delegated Mailbox Approver’ assigned. An admin user, who doesn’t have this security role assigned, has created a Power Automate flow and used the service principal for the Dataverse connection.

The Power Automate flow will trigger when a new user is added, wait for 5 minutes just to be sure the mailbox has been created, and then get the mailboxid to approve, enable & test the mailbox by setting the following fields in the ‘Update a row’ action for the mailbox:

  • Email Address Status = Approved
  • Crm Org Marked as Primary Org for Exchange Mailbox = Yes
  • Test Email Configuration Scheduled = Yes

A new user is added to Dataverse and the flow is triggered. After the automated approval of its mailbox the user receives the standard notification message that the mailbox is connected.

The automation of (self-service) user management is now complete.


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      The Row_id expression value is:

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