1 Azure AD group makes 3-4 group teams in Dataverse

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How cool is this!

For each Azure AD group, the administrator can create group teams based on the Azure AD group membership types. The administrator can create separate group teams for owners, members, guests and members, and guests, and assign a respective security role to each of these teams.

Microsoft Docs: Manage group teams

And reading the Note in this article makes me wanna jump:

If your environment has a security group, you will need to add the group team’s Azure AD group as a member of that security group in order for the group team’s users to be able to access the environment.

So nested Azure AD groups are supported when they’re added as member of the security group associated with the environment or are they not supported, according to this (6 days) old(er) article ‘Control user access to environments: security groups and licenses‘ ?!

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