Forms Pro: Send invite with personalized QR code to check in attendees for an event

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Last Saturday I gave a workshop about Microsoft Forms Pro at the Belgium Power User Days and when I drove back to base, a lot of ideas popped up in my mind. The possibility to be able to create personalized links is very powerful and offers a way to identify the responders to a survey.
Some time ago I had a discussion with a brother in arms about a data model for a canvas app to register attendees who were invited for an event. The host was using Dynamics 365 CE as a CRM system so my suggestion was to take a look at the -legacy- Marketing module and use the marketing list and campaign activities to send the invitations. And then use a canvas app to search for an invitee and somehow or other create a campaign response record. In the end he just created a custom entity to register a related contact.

With my new insights on Forms Pro I realized that you could use a survey to check in attendees for an event who are invited by email with a personalized QR code that represents the invitation link for the survey.
All ingredients are available, only the possibility to create a QR code. It would be nice to be able to use the native functionality of Forms Pro itself to create the QR code but unfortunately I don’t know how. So I searched for a public API and Google has got one, and although it’s deprecated it still works: QR Codes

The survey is quite simple: just one question with one option, and the use of personalization.

To be sure that a person can be checked in only once, we use the setting One response per person.

For this demo I created the following flow:

The flow is started from a contact record and will create an invitation regarding the selected contact.

In the Send email action we call the QR code API to create an image. The invitation link is encoded using the expression: encodeUriComponent(body(‘Create_an_invitation’)?[‘Invitationlink’])

When the flow is triggered from the contact record, an email is sent with a personalized QR code.

By scanning the QR code, the check in survey will be shown with the first name, last name and company name of the attendee. So you’re able to welcome this person by name and give out a badge for instance.

In the responses overview you can see how many people of the number of invitations attended the event.

This shows how helpful Microsoft Forms Pro can be as a tool for marketing and event management. You can add follow-up actions triggered / based on the responses and the data.


  1. Hi tk,
    I’m using Forms Pro here (to create personalized links), that’s integrated with the Common Data Service (CDS) where the data is stored. What attachment do you mean, the image? If so, you could use the action ‘Upload file from URL’ from the OneDrive connector to create a file from the image URL.

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