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In Microsoft Forms Pro you can share your survey as a template by copying the generated URL and distribute it to other users. But would it be possible to share it outside your organizaiton as well? With Microsoft Forms this was already possible and could be turned on or off via the Administrator Settings. These are the current settings for external sharing of Microsoft Forms in my demo tenant.

Let’s try if this will work with Forms Pro too !

So I’ve created a simple Forms Pro survey in one demo tenant and clicked the ‘Share as a template’ option to get to copy the URL. Now when I switch over to another demo tenant and paste the URL in the browser, what happens is that I do get the Duplicate option and when I duplicate it the survey is added to the Forms Pro environment in the other demo tenant. Yes, it works !

But when I go back to the home page of Forms Pro the copied survey doesn’t show up in the ‘My forms’ or ‘Shared with me’ views. If I check the data in CDS and in a model-driven app with the Forms Pro entities exposed it is there though, with my user as owner of the records.

I can export this data and copy the Source survey identifier and use it to replace the id in the URL of another survey in Design mode.

Now when I hit enter the copied survey shows up again.

It’s not clear to me why it doesn’t show up in the home page of Forms Pro but at least I’m able to work with it. I could even update the Survey URL field of the Survey record with Flow so I just have to click it.

So to all your boys and girls out there, go share your great survey templates with the community !

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